No one will argue with you that physical exercise contributes to better health. In fact, in addition to preventing certain diseases such as hypertension or osteoporosis, it also helps generate mental well-being and improve self-esteem.

It is clear that physical exercise is one of the essential points to having a healthy life. Any of the forms of physical activity that we talked about at the beginning of the article is beneficial for your health. The slogan is very clear: don’t stay still, move, and don’t enter the sedentary lifestyle statistics of the 21st century!

The benefits of sport

When we talk about the benefits of sport, in our case we refer more to the benefits of physical exercise, which is what we do. But although our specialty is physical exercise, we also dedicate a small space to sports. Our squash room is designed for those people who like to train in the company, with a bit of competition and a common challenge (beating the others). In addition, our pavilion hosts soccer, basketball, and even rhythm leagues daily. All of them are sports in which, in addition to improving physical fitness, strategic vision, camaraderie, social relationships, and, of course, fun are also enhanced. All this is always within a framework of regulations that govern the operation of the game or discipline.

Thus, some of the benefits of sport or physical exercise are:

  • It improves the form and the physical resistance in general. In addition, it regulates blood pressure and helps maintain good bone density.
  • Get you to maintain good body weight and improve your muscle tone and strength.
  • Improve flexibility and strengthen your joints.
  • Beyond the appearance or physical form, the benefits of sport and exercise are also on a mental level, since the body secretes endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones.
  • It increases self-esteem and reduces social isolation or depression if any.
  • It reduces tension and stress, and helps you relax and, pays attention! I’m sure you’ll sleep better.
  • Decreases aggressiveness, anger, and anguish.



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