The Internet Users Association and the Internet Society promoted and instituted May 17, 2005, although it was in March 2006 when the United Nations decided to establish it as World Internet Day. The objective of this day is to publicize the possibilities offered by new technologies to improve the standard of living of towns and their inhabitants.

We are currently going through very difficult times around the world, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the physical confinement that governments have established in different countries; Faced with this situation, the Internet and Systems Engineers have become a lifesaver to partially be able to continue with our study, commercial and labor activities.

It is important to recognize that the internet service and the work of Systems Engineers and the like have broken this social isolation since it has allowed connection all the actors of public and private institutions, and is helping people to face this situation. of emergency.

This important service is fundamental support for the economic activities of the countries. Without a doubt, technology and related professionals have saved time and money and improved productivity.

The internet has become an essential service in our daily lives, it offers, in addition to connectivity, the means to use many social networks, applications, or tools that allow us to enjoy a series of benefits and advantages that were previously unthinkable but that ensure we are always connected.

On the other hand, strict compliance with exceptional confinement in our homes has allowed us to reflect on the urgency of reducing the digital divide. In this sense, there is a great challenge that the government must assume, relying on Systems Engineers and professionals related to technology, to guarantee equity in the Internet service for all Peruvians.


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