A faster way to commercialize space technologies from start-ups
Small and medium-sized companies are playing an increasingly important role in the space ecosystem. In recognition of this, SPACE END has broadened access for space technology start-up companies to the field, enabling them to efficiently scale and commercialize their products.
The space sector is going through an unprecedented period of change and development worldwide. Increasing technological capabilities and the ability to process increasing volumes of data with improved accuracy and resolution make current space technologies important tools to address pressing societal and business challenges. However, despite the relatively high level of European investment in space research, the market for innovative services or applications is still smaller than in other regions. With the increasing number of Earth observation satellites launched each year, space technologies have become a valuable tool when it comes to navigating, monitoring, and generating comprehensive, consistent, accurate, and timely information.
Over the two-year period of SPACE END, the consortium involved more than 90 companies, over 50 investors, over 150 start-ups and SMEs, 18 government agencies, and 42 universities and research institutes. As the final field reports from the individual companies show, the project had a very decisive impact on the start-ups. For example, contacts could be made with important interest groups and new business opportunities opened up. Through our many interactions, we found that the concept of space is still very narrow for most non-specialists. Space is perceived as a typical upstream industry that provides public or private infrastructure for the development of space-based solutions.
The downstream segment that anchors these solutions in the commercial markets is continually expanding its sphere of influence and should become more relevant in the coming years. A downstream sector that is dynamic and competitive creates tremendous potential for the creation of new companies and makes it easier for start-ups to draw from a larger pool of market opportunities.
SPACE END inspired start-ups to harness the potential of their technology and their teams. Most notably, it helped them set the stage for the integration of space technologies into both upstream and downstream markets, thereby demystifying the concept of space technologies. Creates tremendous potential for the creation of new companies and thus makes it easier for start-ups to draw from a larger pool of market opportunities.


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