7 Inspiring Books to find your Calling

Holidays are always a perfect time to take a break and stop to think about those things that we normally do not consider. And even more so if we have already finished classes! The time between one school year and the next is a perfect opportunity to let everything learned rest and analyze it from another point of view.

Inspiring Books to find your Calling
Inspiring Books to find your Calling

Perhaps you are already in one of those moments in which you have to make decisions regarding your future: what to study, in which educational center, whether to focus on one specialty or another, etc. It is common to live in moments of transitions and changes with confusion regarding the future, a sea of ​​doubts about the possible options and their consequences, and a mixture of hope and fear.

As Aristotle assured,  “Where your talents and the needs of the world intersect, there is your vocation “. There are not a few voices that say that one of the keys to success is discovering your passion and giving yourself over to it, and we also fervently believe in this idea. That is why we propose 7 interesting books that we hope will be of great use to you in finding your vocation. Go for it!

  • Ethics for Amador, by Fernando Savater:

This famous essay, one of the most recognized books of the philosopher and writer, is a very interesting proposal to reflect on how to face life, make existential approaches, and to a great extent, locate oneself in the world. In addition, he frequently invites the reader to participate through direct appeals and questions that will surely make you think for a long time.

  • Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor E. Frankl:

Don’t you know this essential yet? It is a book written by the Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Emil Frankl in which, based on his personal experiences in a Nazi concentration camp, Frankl describes logotherapy, psychotherapy that proposes that every individual can find meaning in their existence from creativity and love. You will never forget one of his best-known phrases: “Know the reason for your existence and you will be able to bear almost any how”.

  • The Element: Discovering Your Passion Changes Everything, by Ken Robinson:

The Element is the point where innate talent meets personal passion: discovering it leads us to recover amazing capacities within us, and developing it will radically change our lives. our work environment, our relationships, and, ultimately, our lives. Are you going to let it escape? And if you want to know more about Sir Ken Robinson, you can’t miss his interview on our blog.

  • Find yourself a life, by Marcos Álvarez:

It is a book that provides inspiration and innovative ideas to improve personally and professionally, from optimism that is much needed today. The author clearly collects the essence of coaching, with examples, exercises, and a very careful design and, in addition, gives us the keys to achieving our goals and teaching others to achieve them. It is a highly recommended book if you are looking to become a designer and creator of your own path.

  • On the meaning of life in general and work in particular, by Yun Sun Limit:

To get some perspective, sometimes it is necessary to remember that life is more than work and that most important things tend to correspond precisely to other areas. In this book, throughout 39 letters that she writes from the hospital suffering from cancer that could lead to her death, the author brilliantly reviews the history and sociology of work in our civilization, and wonders about the true role that this play in our lives.

  • The ideal job, discover your true vocation, by DA Shapiro and RJ Leider: 

Having a vocation or a certain talent waiting to be developed is something natural in every human being, it is only about knowing how to discover it. To do this, this book proposes a stimulating and fun process: the authors wanted to write a practical and effective guide that will help you find a professional activity that is truly rewarding, satisfying, and consistent with your deepest values.

  • Live life with meaning, by Victor Kuppers:

This is a book full of good advice, and ideas that you probably already knew but that you have never decided to carry out. The author, a Dutch trainer, and writer aims to make you think in an entertaining and clear way to order ideas, and prioritize, to help you make decisions. He Learns to live using all his passion and enth

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