Uber clone app is making the lives of daily commuters easier than ever! During the Covid-19 times, most parts of the world were on a complete lockdown. From public transportation to hospitals, entry was restricted for people! In the same duration, platforms like Uber, Lyft, and Careem also suffered huge losses. In any case, the App engineers of the clone application thought of something uniquely amazing when the pandemic dialed back!

Uber Clone App Business
Uber Clone App Business

Let’s explore what’s new on this app!


The app has risen in everyone’s eyes. People who were dealing with the dilemma of whether traveling in a taxi is safe or not, are now happily enjoying commuting via private taxi every day. So, what changed?

1. Introduction of safety features

Many safety features were launched in the app to help users safely travel across locations. We should check out at them individually.

  • Facemask verification: the drivers first need to click and upload their selfies on the app with their facemasks on! It is only after they complete this step can they begin the ride.
  • Safety checklist: once the driver opens the app, the entire safety checklist option opens up. The checklist mentions various Covid-19 safety measures that the driver has to follow. The following are a couple of these actions:

            “Wear a facemask and face shield”

            “Disinfect your hand or wash them regularly”

            “Disinfect your car and the items kept inside every day”

  • Ride dropping: the taxi booking application allows the client as well as the driver to drop the ride off if both of the social affairs are seen mishandling the Covid-19 safety efforts.

2. Wallet to wallet transfers are preferred the most

The pandemic made people realize the importance of online transactions. Now, everywhere you see people like to pay with apps like PayPal! Observing the consumer behavior, the app developers put much more emphasis on making online payment methods much smoother for the customers.

If you didn’t already know, let me tell you that the platform offers multiple payment methods – cash, credit card, debit card, and in-app wallet.

3. People were concerned about their safety

Many people who never traveled in taxis alone now started doing so. Other than no crowd, comfortable seating, and air conditioning, people realized that there’s more to it! The Uber clone app includes safety features like:

  • Live location tracking: this feature has helped non-taxi travelers to find the trust of traveling alone. After the driver confirms the ride, the share live tracking option is activated! The riders can share the link with their close ones, friends, or family members. Thus, they can easily track the ride until it ends. This feature has definitely risen confidence in people to travel in a taxi on their own.
  • SOS button for an emergency: the taxi booking app also has an SOS button that can be used by the rider if they sense any kind of threat from the driver or fellow passengers. With a single tap on the button, a HELP message is delivered to all the emergency contacts, local police, and the app admin with their current location.


Now that you know why the Uber Clone App is the most renowned name in the market, it is time to launch your own! Take care of what your customer wants from the platform and offer them something more than what they want!

Get started with the app development right away!


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