Is SEO really necessary for the success of a website?

Yes, in today’s world, SEO might be necessary for the success of a website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes a set of techniques designed to ensure the success and visibility of your website on the Internet. The difficulty of natural referencing is that it is subject to frequent modifications and improvements. It is therefore essential to keep your SEO up-to-date and constantly optimize it if you want to guarantee the success of your site.

Natural referencing—what is it exactly?

Natural referencing consists of structuring and promoting your website in such a way that it receives an increasing number of organic visitors every day (that is, from search results and not from an advertising campaign). The objective is to obtain qualified traffic, targeted according to the queries typed by the Internet user in the Google search bar.

SEO is therefore based on what we call keywords (terms and expressions used by the Internet user during his search). The goal is for your website to be in the top results when your target audience searches for keywords directly related to your business. Of course, this is a complicated job, especially since the level of competition is often very high. This is why calling on a UK SEO company may be necessary. Thanks to a sharp analysis of your market, it will be able to tell you the less competitive keywords on which it is important to position yourself.

5 reasons to do natural referencing

1. If you’re not on the first page of results, you’re invisible

On the web, if your site is not on the first page of results, then you are invisible. Internet users, in fact, almost never go to the second page. Worse still, within the very first page, if you are not in the first results, the chances that they will click on your site are greatly reduced. Experts generally estimate that the first result alone gets nearly 33% of clicks. 18% go for the second and 11% for the third. This shows how important it is to be well-positioned for natural results.

2. Organic traffic is one of the main sources of website conversions

Organic traffic plays an important role in the performance of a website. Coming from a natural search, it is generally more qualified since it is an active research process (VS advertising). Therefore, converting him is also easier: since he actually needs your products or services, the chances that he buys them or decides to contact you are greater.

3. SEO results are quantifiable

There are tools to calculate what your natural referencing brings you. This is the case with Google Analytics. The key is to manage to make the link between the different data provided to you, such as the number of organic users, the number of online purchases or contacts they have reported, and the rate of converting these prospects into customers…

4. SEO is a long-term strategy

Unlike SEA (paid to reference), SEO is in no way a time-limited advertising campaign. Its impact on your site is much more lasting. Of course, good natural referencing requires time, practice, and regular optimization. But the objective of this constant work is to propel you into the first results for a long time.

5. SEO builds trust and credibility on your site

For good SEO, it is essential to create quality content that will answer the questions your target audience is asking. It is therefore often accompanied by a blogging strategy and an editorial calendar of publications. All this information that you will provide will allow you to become an authority in your sector of activity, not only with Google but also with your peers, who will relay your content and thus create gateways to your site (we then speak of external links or specifically backlinks).


The implementation of strong and quality natural referencing on your website can only be beneficial for your company. This technique is critical to your brand’s presence on the web, especially in today’s age of ever-increasing and developing data and competition.

We hope these reasons have convinced you of the value and benefits of an integrated SEO strategy to grow your business and take it to new heights of profitability, branding, and success.

From a personal perspective, I don’t believe a discussion of which marketing tactic is “best” is of much value. As business leaders, we need to focus on how to get the best result by talking and working together. We will be doing ourselves a great service by not discussing which technique is most effective, but rather exploring how to successfully integrate the best mix and leverage it to the fullest to grow our business and revenue.

One last thing to keep in mind Giving someone a guitar doesn’t mean they’ll start playing good music. If you want good music, hire a rock star. If you want top-notch SEO, hire a Marketing Agency near you like Professional Concept, for example. Then, give them the necessary budget to get good results.



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