Simple Ways You Can Use to Cut Down on Energy Bills

We all enjoy electricity, and it is inevitable in our everyday lives. However, if we say that we hate paying for it, this would not be a wrong statement! If you are fretting over the thought of your next energy bill or want to know why your last electricity bill was so high, you are in luck. 

We have some energy-saving tips for homeowners like you. Go through these tips and enjoy saving on power throughout the season. If you have other queries or want to learn from an expert, contact a professional electrician in central London now. 

Ways to save energy and reduce bills

We know your pain when you have to spend those extra bucks on your electricity bill. This is why we have put together a list of some simple ways to reduce your electric bill and save a fortune.

Energy-efficient lighting installation makes sense 

Light bulbs are the culprits behind your hefty electricity bill. They contribute a substantial amount to your bill, especially if they are old incandescent or halogen bulbs. Here, you want to make some major changes to your house’s lighting. Make sure you install light globes that are energy-efficient. They use a lot less electricity and also last longer. LED bulbs are one of the most energy-efficient globes that every homeowner should have in their house. While they may cause you to pay a higher upfront price than the other types of bulbs, you will be surprised to see how much you can save down the line.

Adjust your house’s thermostat

If you do not use some smart tactics, heating, and cooling can be expensive. While heating, consider setting your thermostat to 18-22 degrees. Each degree above can contribute up to 10% to the running costs. During summertime, consider setting the temperature to 25/26 degrees. Each degree below 25 will add about 10% to the running costs. 

Do remember that there are other effective ways you can stay cool during summer without making use of electricity. Also, there are ways to keep the costs down in winter. They may include using a portable battery fan during the summer and putting on an extra coat when the mercury drops.

Use cold water to wash your clothes

There is no denying that warm washes do a better job than cold washes. However, sometimes it is not necessary. Using hot water means you are using a lot of power. Try to use cold water for washing your day-to-day laundry. Make use of any eco settings n your washing machine. Also, make sure you set your washing machine to the right load size. 

Consider hanging your clothes out on the line instead of putting them in the dryer. This is yet another power-guzzling appliance that you use frequently without realizing that it is raising your energy bill.  

Turn off electric appliances on the wall

Appliances such as TVs, dishwashers, microwaves, and even chargers use electricity when they are not being used. This means you are paying for nothing. Consider buying a smart power board to stop standby electricity, if you forget to switch off the appliances on the wall.  

Keep your doors and curtains closed

When an air conditioner works harder, it uses a great deal of power, which cause your bills to be high. When you turn on your air conditioner, close the doors, windows, and curtains carefully. Consider blocking draughts around your house to ensure it traps the air inside. You will thank me for this energy-saving tip later when you see the change for yourself.

Insulate your house

Insulation happens to be a cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency. This helps to reduce the costs that you would have to pay for heating and cooling. With insulation, you are able to maintain a comfortable natural temperature in your home. It works like an esky that keeps the temperature cool during summer and acts like a thermostat during winter that helps retain heat inside.

Monitor your house’s energy 

Tracking the amount of electricity, you use with an energy monitor can go a long way. Thus, you can see how and when you are using power. This helps you identify ways to save electricity and save money on power.

Check the settings of your appliances

Making some adjustments to the settings of your electrical appliances can have a great impact on your bill. Be sure to keep an eye on the fridge to ensure that it is not running too cold. Check if the TV is too bright. Always use the eco settings on clothes dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, and air conditioners. When you want to save on energy by checking certain appliance settings, you do a great job of lowering the cost of your energy bills.

Do a comparison between electricity providers

Last but not least, it is in your favor if you choose to compare different electricity providers in your area. If you have been working with the same energy provider for a while now, you can save a great deal by shopping around. 

You will get a better deal if you do this. You may wonder why. Energy companies keep changing their products and their prices. You may have gotten a good deal when you first signed up. But one year down the line, you may not get the deal or you can get a good deal from a different company.

Sometimes, it takes a few changes to make a huge difference in your electricity usage and the amount you pay every month. This has an impact on your bank account. However, there are times when homeowners make the necessary adjustments and also upgrade to the latest energy-saving appliances, they have to pay hefty. This might be due to some reason you cannot notice, but a professional can. So, consider calling in an expert if this is your case.

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